Crash Course Childbirth Preparation

It’s almost time to pop…..

The crash course of BevalBewust is a practical course, specially made to give you and your birth partner insight into what you can expect during the birth.

This course can be given in English or Dutch

What can you expect?

In preparation for delivery, we take the time to practise the various breathing exercises together in the different stages of labour .We focus during the course on movements, relaxation, theory, posture and pushing techniques.

  • The course is 2 meetings of approximately 2.15 hours each in the comfort of your own home.
  • The course is for you and your birth partner
  • Practicing the yoga-based exercises and relaxing techniques that support you during delivery.
  • The role of the birth partner is discussed and you will receive many useful tips
  • Theoretical information about the birth and the start-up for your child

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Two sessions